About us

After hours and hours everyday trying to find the right light to apply our make up and create content for our private social media accounts, we knew something was wrong. We even spent crazy amounts of money on make up tools and high resolution cameras just to get mediocre results. We learned too late that the secret to achieve our desired results was actually just quality lighting adjustable to our needs. From the day we came to this realization, we decided to spread the word and help all content creators and make-up artists to achieve their best possible result with our specially designed products.

Our mission. Join the movement!

Here at VanityGlare™ our mission is to provide you with the best possible environment to take pictures, record videos and do your make-up. To guarantee that, we will offer you the best quality lighting available in the market for a fair price. Our quality is our pride!

Each and every day, we work hard studying better designs, product materials, and styles that will help everybody have a brighter day.

Our Vision

We like to envision ourselves as more than just a light or video support company. In our minds, we are helping out influencers, make up artists and also the average person that just wants to do their make up or shoot video content of better quality. Whoever you are we have the best product for you!

Vanity Glare is a Brand owned by Brito Trade.